The principal and permanent objectives of FIJET are:

To study conditions necessary for the development of tourism and for the right to enjoy leisure activities in all countries,

To contribute to the distribution of freely available, objective, complete, and original information of the highest quality on tourism matters while complying with the ethics of the journalistic profession,

To provide a link between tourism authorities and the general public,

To enable members of National Associations to carry out their functions through implementation of information journeys known as press trips or familiarization (FAM) trips,

To set up documentation centers to support activities of the Federation and the National Associations,

To enhance the stature of journalists and tourism writers in the eyes of the public and of organizations involved with tourism,

To encourage the specialization of young journalists in tourism and the creation of an International Center for tourism,

To foster the foundation of National Associations of Journalists and Tourism Writers in all countries,

To organize International Conferences

To publish professional printed and online publications dedicated to tourism and tourism issues and journalistic efforts related to tourism. 


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