Protection of your personal data


UBJET treats your personal data with the highest confidentiality. On this page we would like to give you complete information relating to our privacy policy and to the way in which we treat all personal data that you communicate to us.

When you visit our website in order to get more information about UBJET or Travelling News, no personal data whatsoever are stored in our files. UBJET only keeps track of the data that are provided by its members, by the readers of Travelling News or by other contacts who fill out the contact form on our website. Every time when you communicate personal data to us, we will ask you to confirm your consent to treat these data.

We only store these data in order to be able to contact you.

None of the data will be transmitted or sold to third parties. Each time you communicate with us, the data will be treated as indicated here. In this respect UBJET observes all legal requirements and obligations relating to personal data.

We expect that the data you communicate to us, are your own. If they are not, you should be explicitly authorised to use the personal data of other persons and to transmit them to us.

At anytime you will have the right to check your personal data kept by us, and to modify them. At your simple request UBJET will erase your data in its files.
If you have any questions in this respect, do not hesitate to contact us.

UBJET will always ask your explicit consent to use your data for any direct marketing purposes. In our marketing strategy we are sometimes supported by external companies. From these companies we require predetermined written agreements relating to the use of personal data, the security and protection of the data shared with them.
You can withdraw your consent to use your data at any moment.